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How to create the perfect post new way 2020  oh that's extremely cool tea okay he guys welcome back in this blog of ask Allison we're talking about how to create the perfect post so what are all the different elements of a post that is just awesome and can really bring a lot of readers in this video is not going to be too long because I feel like you don’t have to over complicate things it doesn’t take too many elements to really create the perfect post I certainly try to include all of these if I can but if you can't just try to include as many as possible okay so grab a pen and paper and let's just dive into this element number one and out of this world purpose nobody has time for fluff bows okay there's nothing more obnoxious than getting on a website or getting an email from somebody saying hey come check out my latest post it's really awesome but it doesn't really have any sort of purpose it's not solving a problem it’s not any sort of important b…
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